Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Faisca do Brasil

Rob in the back of the Dakota.

Lately, after a recent disappointing experience at Fogo de Chao, I haven't been one to opt for Brazilian churrascaria, but when Paola and Diego said they wanted to take us to the one at the Inter-Continental, I thought I'd give it a try once more. And I'm glad I did.

Unlike the Fogo de Chao in Baltimore, Faisca do Brasil is actually pretty darn good. An extensive "salad bar" filled with sushi, raw fish, veggies, fruit, starches and an array of ceviche - already it was off to a good start, even though we had spent waiting over an hour for our 8pm reservation. Evidently, reservations mean mierda in Salvador - even if you have a group of eight and a reservation at a storied hotel.

Rob, Paola and Francisco getting hungry.

By the time we sat at the table, we were starving. No need to debate on whether to turn the card over or not - it was "green" all the way baby! And keep it coming!

While Diego advocated the grilled pineapple (stellar) and Paola pushed for the extrana (fatty, juicy and flavorful skirt steak), I found the combination of the extrana and the fresh water lobster to be the winner. Succulent and explosive flavored steak and the delicate tenderness of the lobster tail. If only I had a bowl of white rice, no meal could have been finer!

A first round of eats.

Paola and the grilled pineapple.

Rob and Francisco mid-meal.

Camilo keeping up his own end.

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