Monday, February 28, 2011

Vamos A Esteli

One way to get to Matagalpa (obviously).

Today we're on the way to northern Nicaragua to the little tobacco town of Esteli where we're planning a day of touring cigar factories and maybe a tobacco farm or two. Yes, I'm in the coffee business and Yes, maybe I should spend time visiting coffee farms, but I'm also a cigar lover and I've seen a lot of coffee these past two weeks!

As I've said before, the great irony of international coffee judging is that we typically see the Greatest Convention Centers of the World and very little of the nations we are visiting. This time, I am determined to get a little more out of this trip and with the generous hospitality of Claudio Valenzuela, we're zipping up the highway on the lookout for cars, trucks and the odd cattle crossing the road (we've already almost crashed into one bull).

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