Monday, July 25, 2011

Making Craft

Several weeks ago, or was it a few months now? Some people had been haranguing me to put up the various certifications and certificates on the wall of Spro to show our guests just how much we've been recognized. Put up the newspaper and magazine articles too, I was told. They'll like it. Give them something to read.

In my mind, all I could really think was: "poppycock."

Don't get me wrong, being noticed by CNN, The Washington Post, La Prensa and the rest is truly an honor. Those Certificates of Appreciation from the various nations thanking us for working with their baristas and judging their competitions is a humbling honor, but do I really feel the burning need to put them up on our wall for the world to see? Not really. In fact, it's slightly embarrassing.

Truth is, I really don't care. Those certifications and articles are recognitions for what we've done in the past. We've already done it and, hopefully, are moving on to the next thing. While I'm very happy that the last review was a good one (or not), I'm concerned and focused on the guest that's coming in today for a visit. What can we do to ensure that today's guest will have an equally wonderful time as the reviewer? Or will that guests drink today be as good as they remember from yesterday (or last week)?

Shuna's recent post says it all: Reliability. Accountability. Cleanliness. Humility. Manners. Efficiency

What we've done in the past is nice, but how much does it really matter? What matters is what we do today and how we approach what we do today. And today I hope were making craft.


Josh Neil said...

Hey Jay!

I like the way that you think here; let the product speak for itself and who cares if you won a Nobel for your frothing technique.

Also, I wanted to say that I'm glad that I can still keep up with your great ideas here since you are no longer doing the Portafilter Podcast. That is where I found you and Nick and fell in love with all of the topics you guys would bring up.

So thanks!
Party on.

Ron Counsell said...

The closing of elBulli (in service of a better future) sent me to its website for the first time. I'd heard Jay discuss the place but, because it's in Spain, I never investigated for myself.

Wow. Just reading through the timeline and history is fascinating. Makes me want to know more, which I suppose means I need to round up a copy of elBulli: taste of the Meditrerranean.

elBulli is gone now. I wonder if the walls were adorned with certificates and newspaper articles.

onocoffee said...

The closing of El Bulli is certainly a shame - if only because so many of us were unable to dine there. And since I never was able to secure a reservation, I'll never know for sure if they had any sort of accolades on their walls.

Thanks for following along on the journey and for listening those many years ago to the Podcast. Those were fun times!