Saturday, July 09, 2011

Passion Of The Pastor

This guy is one of my culinary heroes.

I'm back in Mexico City and one of our first stops is to my all-time favorite taco joint, El Vilsito on Universidad. I've written about this place before and it's still the best Tacos Al Pastor anywhere. Soft, juicy marinated pork with a slice of roasted pineapple - I dream of making pastor this good at home. And this time I got to share it with a friend.

Some of you may follow The Mija Chronicles and I may have mentioned that blog before. Lesley is someone I've followed and emailed a little when exploring El De Efe's food scene and I was a bit more than excited to share with her a place that I knew: El Visito. After a couple confused tweets, we just so happened to be at Vilsito at the same time - the glasses and entourage of photojournalists carrying large lenses giving them away. "You must be Lesley" was my opening line and it was a pleasure to meet someone whose blog I actively follow and who shares a similar passion not only for Mexican cuisine (hers is deeper ingrained) but a person who is also as passionate about conchas and the conviction that Bondy's conchas are just about the best around.

Nice to finally meet you, Lesley!


Jack said...

Tacos al Pastor - the best Mexican meal ever!! We have a small Mexican eatery by us, Taco Fiesta, and they have the BEST!! Two tacos (flour tortilla for me), R&B, their green hot salsa and lots of fresh lime.

Lesley said...

Nice meeting you too! We were talking about those tacos for the next two days, so I can't thank you enough for the recommendation. My mouth still waters picturing that gringa...