Friday, August 22, 2008

Pete's Cafe & Bar

Bleu Cheese Fries

Back in L.A. for the weekend after a whirlwind trip to Hawaii. My flight arrived sometime after 9:30pm and after waiting around for the baggage and going back to my brothers house, it was already pushing 11pm. And we were hungry.

Luckily, there's the Internet and after a barrage of surfing, we decided to ride into L.A. from Hermosa Beach to check out Pete's Cafe and Bar on Main Street. I find it rather odd that a major metropolis would actually have a street called Main. It seems that Main Street should be limited to those quaint and quiet quintessential American small towns rather than the hustle, bustle and grime that is downtown L.A.

On a weekend night, the traffic along the 110 Freeway is happily light and free flowing. It's a testament to the possibility that L.A. would actually be a great place to live - if you could get around this easily. Void of the traffic and congestion, it's amazing that you can cover the distance in less than half an hour.

Located in the heart of the real, downtown Los Angeles, Pete's is a bustling bar with outdoor seating and valet parking (this is L.A. afterall). Once the valet rockets away with Polly's BMW we're whisked away to our corner table and await DJ Un-G's arrival. Across from our table, the ruckus of a Friday night is taking off as the group of girls start to get louder with each passing beverage. Of course, there's a pretty fine looking Filipina girl and I'm enjoying the view.

Fried Calamari Strips

According to the Internet, Pete's is known for their fries. Specifically, their bleu cheese fries. Take some freshly fried fries and pile on some mayonnaise (aioli in Hawaii), fresh herbs and lots of blue cheese and you kinda get the idea. Darn good, I say. Give me more, I say. Please don't stop, I say again.

DJ Un-G arrives and he's ready to drink. His estate in Silver Lake isn't that far from here and it only takes him a few minutes to get here - which explains why he's late. It's one of those things where you live close enough that you don't have to worry about being late, so you hang out and relax and end up late anyway. At least there's good beer on tap.

Next comes the fried calamari strips. They're kind of like calamari french fries. Lightly battered, fried and offered with cocktail dipping sauce. It's basic, simple and tasty.

Mac & Cheese - Vermont sharp white cheddar, asiago, and goat chese with tarragon and a side of mixed baby greens.

Polly's Mac & Cheese arrives and we start to dig in. This is good stuff. It's not the wet and drippy kind of mac and cheese you find at other places. This one is dry and almost crumbly on the inside. The cheese sticks to the macaroni and you dig and dig to your heart's content. I think I need more.

There's a side salad and I wonder why they even bother. Perhaps there's a percentage of the population that actually eats the salad. Perhaps the remaining populace merely looks at it and uses it as a crutch to feel good about themselves eating something so sinful and delectably delightful as mac and cheese.

Lamb Bolognese - pappardelle pasta, braised lamb, tomatoes, garlic and cream.

My Lamb Bolognese arrives and I wonder why I ordered it. I'm already full. But it looks so inviting. Pieces of shredded lamb - delightful. Al dente pasta in a not too heavy sauce - just right. I want to eat it all, but can't.

We continue at Pete's until around 2am. The girls get drunker and louder. They start to dance. It's jiggle me this and juggle me that. Un-G and I are delighted.

Pete's Cafe & Bar
400 South Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

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