Monday, April 26, 2010

Gardena Bowl

Revisitng The E-Myth Revisited

Years ago, paintball master Earon Carter turned me on to this little coffee shop inside the Gardena Bowling alley on Vermont. The place has the best Portuguese Sausage I've tried anywhere.

How ironic that a place outside of Hawaii would have the best Portuguese Sausage. But it's good. Damned good. And I try to make an outing here whenever I come to Southern California.

Two Portuguese Sausage patties, two fried eggs, picked cabbage and bacon fried rice.

It's decidedly simple fare. Nothing crazy or experimental going on here. Just basic, local island favorites. And really, what more does one need? Add a little Hawaiian Sun and you're golden.

Hawaiian Sun Lilikoi Iced Tea

A close-up of the bacon fried rice.

Gardena Bowl Coffee Shop
15707 South Vermont Avenue
Gardena, CA 90247

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Patricia said...

Gardena Bowl!! You're making me weep! I need to get back to Cali NOW!