Monday, November 22, 2010

Are You Having Your Breakfast Today?

Could this be the best hotel coffee ever???

It's morning at the Kampala Serena Hotel and I'm sleeping in late again. The eight hour time difference between Uganda and Baltimore is really getting to me. Last night, I was up until nearly 4am lying in bed, trying to sleep. It's hard to sleep at what is essentially 8pm. I'm not a kid anymore!

At 9am, I hear the phone ring. Once. What time is it? Crap. Again. Rush, rush, rush to get dressed and then another phone call a few minutes later. This time it's from the barista downstairs inquiring if I will be eating breakfast this morning. The entire coffee staff at the hotel has been anticipating my arrival and while I was thinking it was too late for breakfast, I make a point of it to dine.

Steamed banana, Lyon potatoes, beef sausage, Paneer something, fried tilapia, beef and Eggs Benedict.

Hotel coffee is usually of reluctant quality. Some of the worst coffee we've ever had was at a hotel somewhere. When they ask, I feel obliged to order coffee. It comes in a ceramic pot and looks sharp. The flavor is surprisingly pleasant. Tasty even. It's good stuff. I would drink it at home. A little sugar and cream to start my day and it's quite nice.

The food is good but feels a bit heavy. Tomorrow it's back to something simple: mueslix, yogurt and a little fruit.

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