Sunday, November 21, 2010

Live Free, Die Hard

Cigar Heaven. In Kampala.

The great irony of modern day America is that Americans (like myself) seem to only experience "freedom" when outside of America.

Today's America is a sissified nation where the government tells you how to live and that you should be grateful for it. Within the country, the USAPATRIOT Act lives on invading your privacy, the TSA wants to grope your balls, they tell you which oil to use, you can't smoke indoors, you can die at 18 but can't drink 'till 21 (though vehicular manslaughter is mandated at 15), some states prohibit sex until 18 and when you return to your home country you're put in the line for "random screening not related to race."

Yes, in other countries you find guards walking around with AK-47s and bandits lurking in the dark alleyways of the slums. True, the roads may be in disrepair and the implementation of stop signs and lane lines seems utterly useless. No doubt that's the smell of pollution and something burning in the air. But these seem to be the hallmarks of Freedom in these modern times. Ironic.

Indian matches - these suckers really light!

Indoor smoking, so vehemently reviled in the United States is shockingly unusual when you leave the country. What are these people doing??? Don't they know that's AGAINST THE LAW? Evidently, not in these parts. People here smoke and do so without fear of reprisal, sniveling yuppie democrats or fear of government fines or arrest by some bureau called The Department of Fatherland, err, Homeland "Security."

The United States Government: Protecting its Citizens FROM their freedoms...

The Arsenal: Montecristo #2 Habana and Diet Coke (with ice).

Which makes this Cuban cigar, illegal in the United States under the Trading With The Enemy Act, all the more appealing. I can relax and enjoy my cigar without fear of reprisal. With a Diet Coke. In a nation whose 22 year civil war ended about a year ago. I guess in other nations there's a bit more to concern oneself with than smoking in public.

Maybe I should head to the market tomorrow and pick myself up an AK-47, just because...

The View.

The Bill.

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