Sunday, February 27, 2011

Campeonato de Baristas Nicaraguense, Finals

Ana calibrates with Claudia, Isaura and Juan Pablo.

It's finals time in Nicaragua and we're ready to go. The judges are ready, the competitors are ready and even the gathered public is ready and it's time to go.

A good turnout.

Coordinator Martha Zamora and Edwin Ruiz conference.

Juan Pablo, Indira and Isaura ready.

Everyone Loves Marisela.

Finals Judges: Rebeca Vergeli (s), Juan Pablo Oporta (s), Indira Aria (t), Isaura Zeledon (s), Ana Garcia (t), Claudia Lovo (s) and Yours Truly (h).

Head Judges' Scoresheet.

My signature preserved on the Champion's trophy.

For the Champion.

My lunch: chicken from Tip Top.

Everyone eats.

And eats.

And eats!

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