Sunday, February 20, 2011

La Vida

Living the dream in San Salvador.

It's Sunday, everyone has gone home and I'm left all alone in San Salvador. Paola is home deathly ill from the same salad that laid me out two days ago and I've got no one to hang with. The weather is hot, sunny and beautiful. Beautiful except that something somewhere in San Salvador is burning and there's a pall of smoke everywhere. Slowly, I'm dying from smoke inhalation.

What better way to combat smoke than with more smoke?

In my travel kit, I sometimes keep an "Emergency Cigar" for times like this. This trip, I've got a Montecristo Tubo Habano at the ready so I plop myself into an outdoor chair, call the server over for an iced tea and a pack of matches, open my computer and I'm on my way!

The cigar is tasty, the sun is warming, the tea is ice cold and it's just a beautiful day here in Central America.

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