Monday, March 14, 2011

Espresso Tatuaje

The espresso machine at Tatuaje HQ, Hollywood.

After a morning in the valley visiting old haunts Location Sound and Birns & Sawyer (where I've spent way too much money on production equipment), I've found my way to Hollywood for a visit with Pete and Andy at Tatuaje Cigars.

It's interesting to come full circle with Tatuaje. I first tried Tatuaje through The Porn King and Marvin during a holiday in Honolulu back in 2004. That Rare Cojonu 2003 was an immense treat and I've always had a fondness for Tatuaje ever since.

Then after visiting with Pete in Esteli a couple of weeks ago, having a smoke in Bethesda, now I find myself in the back room of Tatuaje trying to explain the finer points of espresso making to Andy in a compressed 40 minute session. There's nothing quite like trying to jam years of experience into a short period of time, but it's all good.

With a bag of espresso from Four Barrel in tow we make good progress and I think I've helped Andy ante up the quality of espresso at HQ. From there it's time to sit with the boys in the lounge and enjoy a Tatuaje Reserva until it's time to go home.


R Prado said...

Is that place open to the publica? If so, I need to check it out.


onocoffee said...

It's really just their offices in Hollywood. Not really open to the public. But drop by and say hello.

RP said...

Thanks, J. I'm back in LA for a couple of weeks.