Monday, November 26, 2007


Getting the short end of the Fat Deal in Studio City.

Perhaps burgers are on my mind lately. Or perhaps I'm just on a mission for the Los Angeles Tri-Fecta of burgers. It's probably the latter.

After a brief shopping trip to my old haunt, Location Sound in North Hollywood, Polly and I made our way to the Fatburger in Studio City for a pre-lunch snack. This particular location is of peculiar interest because it was the first and only Fatburger in which I've ever eaten. Once upon a time, I was seriously impressed with their burger and thought it gave the rest a run for their money. I wanted to see if it was more of the same or if those were just romanticized memories of a rose-coloured time in my life.

Since we were due to eat at Pizzeria Mozza in a short time, we opted to split a Fat Deal meal combo of a 1/3 pound Fatburger, thick cut french fries and Dr. Pepper.

I gotta say, it was good. The burger was thick and had good flavor. It took a while to recieve our order but you could tell it was freshly made and the patty itself was hot and the veggies cold. Just look at the tomato - it's pretty darn thick for a fast food joint. The fries were standard frozen fare but they crisped nicely and were a good accompaniment - as long as you had lots of salt and maybe some ketchup. And of course, Dr. Pepper washes it all down nicely.

And it was just as good as I remember - and these aren't rose coloured days...

Fatburger Studio City
10600 1/2 Ventura Boulevard
Studio City, CA 91604

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