Monday, November 26, 2007


After the madness of splitting the Fat Deal at Fatburger, pizza and much more at Pizzeria Mozza and coffee at Intelligentsia, we decided to check out that most suspicious of ice cream parlors known as Scoops in the Wilshire Center neighborhood.

Suspicious because I've been hearing so much about it. Not just from the ever-sleuthing-for-tasty-places-to-eat Polly, but also from other food industry friends who say it's a "must visit" place while in L.A. Located in what seems to be a pseudo-hipster slash industrial slash blue collar neighborhood, with a lot of construction going on, Scoops is a little place that's bathed in baby pink, a remnant couch and a few kinda modern-ish cafe tables. Tucked away in a corner are some stereo speakers and a collection of DVDs from a failed neighborhood exchange experiment and there's a pull-down projector screen on the back wall that looks it came straight out of an elementary school classroom.

Peter, the guy behind the bar, is a friendly and affable chap who's enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the product. In this surly world of unhappy counter people, it's nice to find someone friendly and more than eager to give you a sample of everything in the case. Luckily, we arrived around dinner time - a traditionally slow time in the frozen dessert world, and we were able to chat, relax, sample, eat, chill, eat more and hang out for a couple hours.

The ice cream selection here changes on a daily basis according the owners' whims. Happily for us, the owner had some nice whims that week. We heard rumors of a bacon flavored ice cream that used bacon fat, as well as a foie gras ice cream that tantalized the mind. Things weren't that wild today but they were good. The Brown Bread was an instant favorite: vanilla ice cream filled with Grape Nuts - deelish.

712 North Heliotrope
Los Angeles,CA 90029

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