Sunday, September 13, 2009

Adios Ibague!

Waiting by the gate.

The time has come for our adventure in Ibague to come to an end. The airport in Ibague is a small place and the security is just right for air travel. It's not the 1984-esque police state that we endure in the United States, but a screening center, identification check, a second screening and then you're off to the plane.

Rouki and I are flying off to Bogota for a couple of days before returning home. Alirio and his wife and Diana have come to see us off. Alfredo and Carolina join us and our Colombia Coffee Family is complete.

Alfredo and Carolina arrive con azucar.

It's been an amazing time here in Ibague. So much to consider. So much to process. It's a melancholy time at the airport as we sit around waiting together. Alfredo and Carolina have brought us a going away gift of sugar packets. Not the simple packets you find at your local coffee shop but the same sugar packets we saw earlier this week at Sonata Cafe with the love messages.

Here, at this little airport in the middle of Colombia, we rediscover the joy of flying. It's a trip back to a time when people actually could wait with each other and see each other off. Only at the last minute do we leave our group and head for the tarmac.

It's a sad moment to leave our friends but I look forward to the time when we will see each other again.

No trip would be complete without one last photo.

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