Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Sunday Brunch Like No Other

For the past week that we have been in Ibague, we've been eating breakfast at the Mercure Hotel's Cafe Bistrot. For the entire week it's been a quiet affair with very little going on. Even at night, when you expect the town's most prominent hotel to be pumping, the social scene is dead. In many places you'd come downstairs to find a bar or disco and the chance of meeting women. At the Mercure, there's another Italian restaurant and that's about it.

Until today.

Joining Rouki for our morning breakfast routine and suddenly the hotel was alive and packed with people. Colombians mostly, plus a few of us who are here for the coffee expo. Everywhere you turn you find Colombia's finest suspended or compacted in the clothing that only Colombianas can wear.

In other words, it was a beautiful brunch...

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