Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Salsero

Pork on a stick and a salsa dj at the Multicentro mall.

How do you explain to someone that you really wanted to see them when the photos look like you're having the time of your life?

The plan was really quite simple. Finish the workshops, head back to the hotel to shower and change, then attend the fiesta where that certain someone is waiting for and expecting you.

The execution didn't quite turn out so well.

Evidently, the fiesta was being held outside of town, at some place more than twenty minutes and a pricey cab ride away. Thus, no one wanted to go and I was stuck either at the hotel doing nothing or just tagging along and hopefully finding a way out to the fiesta and the call at 10pm to say that I was stuck and still trying to figure a way there was not met with a happy response.

Ever had someone tell you they're waiting for you and want to see you when you want the same but you can't? She sounded pretty mad.

Drunken besos from the otra Diana at San Juan.

By midnight I decided that I might as well start drinking and powered down three mixed drinks of rum and tequila. At 12:30am, I began to think that it didn't matter that I didn't know my way around the city, I could find the party.

By 1am I decided that I would go and tried calling. Three times. No answer. Either: 1) she was busy (she was one of the organizers of the party and the entire weeklong event), 2) the music was too loud to hear the phone, or 3) she was waaay pissed off to answer my call. Whatever the case, I was screwed. Time to drink more.

Yo soy Salsero.

With no girl, no phone calls and too much to drink what better to do than start dancing salsa? Or perhaps what passes for salsa while dancing while drinking.

Of course, all of this become worse if, the next day, that certain someone who was expecting you to salsa with her is viewing the photos from your camera and finds you, The Salsero, dancing with someone else at some club called Don Juan...

Diego, Carolina, Alfredo, myself and Rodrigo in the midst of cerveza y ron.

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