Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bahn Mi This

The ingredients.

We're on a quest this weekend to provide simple, light and tasty staff meals. Yesterday was soba noodles and salmon, today it's house made bahn mi.

Derrick's lovely mom and dad went out yesterday and sourced us some veggies (his dad even took the time to shred the daikon and carrots - amazing), char siu, ham pate, cucumbers and cilantro.

On offer to our staff today were three bahn mi:

Pate Cha - ham pate forcemeat
Ca - sardines
Thit Do - char siu

In an attempt to follow the classics, we used a quick vac pickling of the daikon and carrots, a little liver pate (except for the Ca), a stalk of cucumber, fresh cilantro and a helping of wasabi mayo to punch it up a bit.

A stack of bahn mi for the taking.

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