Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cafe Opcao

Tony Adia at Cafe Opcao, Ironbound District, Newark, NJ.

For whatever reason, I really ended up with a crappy itinerary this trip. An overnight flight from Houston to Bogota that was absolutely brutal and then a nearly six hour layover in Newark for the flight home to Baltimore. I could drive a car, take a train or bus from Newark and get home faster. But then I wouldn't get the miles.

So rather than standing by for an earlier flight, or grabbing my bags and taking the train, I called up Tony Adia and told him that we should get together and get something to eat. Of course, that's not before the Border Security agent tells me that he's doing a "random screening" and then asks me if my family comes from Colombia. Uh dude, my family is from the other side of the planet and you just tried to bullshit me about 'random' screenings.

I can't help but wonder how many white people are told they're being selected for a "random" screening.

Francesinha - ham, beef and egg sandwich smothered in gravy and french fries.

And into the Ironbound District we go to find everything Portuguese and eat at Cafe Upcao. While Upcao's menu is limited (I did have Vatapa on the mind), the selections were very good and along with outside seating (and a couple Montecristo cigars), life is New Jersey can actually be good.

The lovely thing about Brazilians and I guess the Portuguese: they like eggs. Eggs on the sandwich, eggs on the steak. It's eggs, eggs, eggs and I'm liking it. The food is rich, delicious and filling, requiring a post dinner walk along the avenue where we spot a bunch of girls at dance practice. Not a bad way to return to the United States.

Chourissa Asada - BBQ Portuguese Sausage

Inside the Francesinha.

Bitoque - Sirloin steak with rice, Spanish potatoes, ham and egg on top.


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