Thursday, October 28, 2010


The inside cabin of the Embraer Regional Jet. Cozy.

I'm flying home and the plane is tiny. I might imagine myself on my own private G550 if there weren't so many people on board. Luckily, I spy an open solo exit row seat across from a pretty Middle Eastern girl and take the advantage.

Hello. I'm looking pretty haggard after thirteen hours of travel. She's quite nicely dressed and looking very expensive. We chat for a few moments before I decide that I'd rather listen to music than the loud drone of the cabin for the next hour.

The flight home is uneventful. I'm waiting for some dramatic display of power to weight ratio on takeoff but it never comes. The landing is bouncy but we don't fly off the runway, negating the landing video I've been shooting.

Soaring above the Eastern Seaboard.

As we pull up to the gate, I'm reminded that once again, I've reach home. The forecast is calling for a cold front and I'm assured that there's a long, dark and bleak winter ahead.

Time to start planning the next trip. And soon.

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