Thursday, October 28, 2010

Going To El Dorado

A sharply dressed Gonzales takes us to the airport.

Even though it's six in the morning and we were out late the night before, Carolina insisted that she take me to the airport. I mean, I had a ride with Inman and crew but she wanted to take me - and who am I to resist? Again, that would be foolish.

So bright and early, there's Gonzales waiting with the Suzuki. This time he's sharply dressed in a suit and looking like a proper member of the Secret Service. A security detail to whisk me around town to important meetings with the President and his Cabinet members before shuttling me to the G550 for the private flight to Medellin? I certainly could get used to this.

Where I find Lauro, Laura...

But alas, I'm just a barista and even though I'm the only current WBC Certified Sensory Judge in the world, somehow, I don't think even that warrants a larger security detail...

By 6:15am we're outside of Carolina's place on the way to the airport. One thing about that girl, no matter what time of day or night, she always looks fantastic. Well dressed, well groomed and always together. I even wore nicer clothes because of her. So much for shorts.

Maybe it took an hour, or maybe it took ten minutes, whatever the case, the ride to the airport seemed short indeed. Before long, we were saying our goodbyes and I was once again making that long walk to the gate. Alone.

Brent and Mark in the departures lounge.

By now, I've traveled across the planet and nine times out of ten, it's been alone. And while there's a beauty in traveling by yourself, sadly, there's no one to share it with. Perhaps that's why I enjoy these coffee trips so much - because even though I'm traveling alone, there's usually friends at the destination that I can hang with and share the experience. It certainly makes traveling that much more enjoyable.

And it's nice to find Lauro, Laura, Brent and Mark sitting in the departure lounge. Everyone except for Mark is on an earlier flight and depart soon after. Mark and I are left to hang and chat while waiting for our respective flights to Atlanta and Newark. Not long after, Josh finds us and joins us.

My so-so ham and cheese sandwich.

Times like these are ripe moments for conversation but soon the time comes for us to board our flights back to the United States and return to reality. Our trip to Colombia comes to a close.

Departing, we make commitments for June and the WBC, along with a serious visit to the tailors of Arturo Calle and some custom-fitted outfits. Thinking of myself wearing a brilliant suit while being whisked around by Gonzales is certainly a luring thought. Back in June.

A Dunkin Donuts offers some semblance of coffee.

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