Friday, December 03, 2010


Boarding the flight and gosh is it cold!

The snow has really put a freeze on travel here in Western Europe. Our aircraft was almost 45 minutes late coming in from Frankfurt, making our departure over and hour late with the delay and de-icing.

Of course, I prefer de-icing. The thought of the wings freezing, losing their ability to generate lift and us falling precipitously out of the sky to our doom is not how I imagined I would experience this visit to Europe.

Mandel Krackers - tasty!

Once airborne, things went smoothly for the relatively short flight to Frankfurt. A little girl and her father sat next to me and she reminded me of my little niece and how I would like to someday take her along with me on trips just like this.

Without the freezing of the wings, of course.

A little girl and her father.

Coca Light

An A380 being towed...

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