Friday, December 03, 2010


The main drag through Scarperia.

Mary has arranged a room at the Hotel dei Vicari here in the little town of Scarperia. It's an old walled city, right next to the Mughello raceway. After checking into the room, I'm hungry and go searching for the restaurant Mary recommended here. Along the way, I find some apples, some bread and some supplies for my Italian Journey.

Scarperia is also known for its handmade knives. Some of them are quite exquisite and probably come at a handsome price. I looked but did not inquire. Still saving up for the Ferrari to drive Mughello...

Electronic condom machine - ah, the Italians...!

The Church.

Cremino del Mughello - tasty.

I watched this butcher work and bought some prosciutto from him. He's amazing and thoroughly loves what he does. I wish we had a shop like this at home.

The Scarperia Vicari.

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