Friday, December 03, 2010

Waiting Frankfurt

A portable smoking lounge - filled with cigarette smoke.

I find Frankfurt to be such a curious place. Heavily industrial, Frankfurt never seems to come up as one of those chic places to visit. Walk around the downtown near the hoptbahnhof and it's mostly grey and uniform. Venture a little bit further and you'll find some texture. Then there are those renowned FKK Clubs on the outskirts of the city...

The airport is also curious. I've spent a bit of time in Frankfurt Airport on previous trips and the funny sounding announcements along with the very well stocked Lufthansa Senators Lounge has always made it a highlight of my trips through Europe.

A couple of frankfurters, some bread and a Coke Zero - Seven Euros.

Today, we're back in Frankfurt and fighting the weather. Hoping for a break because I need to get to La Marzocco in Florence before they close, so timing is of the essence. But there's a bit of time because of the delay and I can grab a frankfurter from the bar near gate A13.

These Germans... they know their sausage. Even this simple, nearly throw away frank at some airport bar is good. Smooth blended interior meat encased in a nearly perfect casing that "snaps!" when you bite into it. Consider that it's sat in a steamer for who knows how long and I'll say that this is one darn good frank.

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