Saturday, April 02, 2011

Costco: Wholesale

iCostco, therefore, iAm.

Mexico City. Just mentioning the name conjures all sorts of imagery. Old castles, sunken lake beds, ancient Aztec civilizations, tacos, quesadillas, Bella Artes, just to name a few.

The strange reality of my visits to Mexico City: Costco.

Yes, THAT Costco. The one of large warehouses stacked with all your home goods. In bulk. And whenever I'm here, I always seem to be at Costco.

Woah, Kirkland has a Chateauneuf!

Costco in Mexico City is pretty much like Costco at home. The same products. In the same quantities. Need plates? Here's 300. Need a croissant? Here's two dozen.

But what they have here that we don't have in Maryland Costco's (because of our draconian, socialist/democratic government) is alcohol. In mass quantities. Curiously, they even have Kirkland Signature (Costco's house brand) Chateauneuf du Pape. Seems like a sacrilege but I'm willing to commit a sin.

And the price isn't that bad. Not cheap, but not bad.

Overall, there's little to differentiate the Mexican Costco from the American Costco (aside from the whole language thing). If you're used to your home Costco layout, chances are you'll find whatever you desire pretty much where you expect it to be.

One Hundred Dollars.

Riding the down escalator.

These specials wheels prevent runaway disaster.

Even for Haagen Dazs - that's expensive.

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