Saturday, April 02, 2011

La Marquesa

Where to eat.

Somewhere to the west, about 35 minutes outside of Mexico City is a recreation area known as La Marquesa. Different "Valles" offer a range of outdoorsy things to do, like horseback riding, ATV racing, water slides and quite a bit more. There's even this thing they call Gotcha that looks suspiciously like paintball.

Of course, things outdoors would not be complete without the great pastimes of eating and drinking and all of the Valles offer plenty in that arena as well. The weather is bright, sunny and cool, making for the ideal conditions to cover yourself in dust from the trails or track and then sit down for some serious eating.

Bienvenidos a Valle de Potrero.

Oliver saddles up!

Melanie and Oliver ready to hit the dusty trail.

Ana and the Wild Horse.

Momma Mylene prepares to lead her kids.

Whatever happened to riding sidesaddle???

Some kind of candy surprise. I think it's a gusano.

Oliver Spins.

Hector fishes for Truchas (trout).

We call this lunch.

Hector and Adriana.

Sylvia and Adriana - I don't know what is going on.


Sopa de Hongos.

Sopa Azteca.

Sopa de Hongos and Consome de Pollo.

Sides for my Sopa Azteca.

Tacos Cecina Natural.

Oliver llorar.

Table condiments.

Oliver llorar, parte dos.


Chorizo and cecina.

Chorizo Verde Tacos.

Chicharron Tlacoyos with nopal, avocado and cheese.

Hector and the Blue Corn Tortilla.

Trucha Suiza.

Inside the Chicharron Tlacoyo.

Hector entertains.

The women are not amused.

Trucha Empapelada.

Caffe de Olla.

Fried plantains with evaporated milk and cream.

Melanie and Alvaro.

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Carmen said...

I am dying of envy. I was craving sopa de hongos like the one they make at La Marquesa and while looking for a recipe I found your blog. It looks like a great place to go. Thank you for sharing the photos. Now, if I could find that recipe.....