Saturday, April 02, 2011

El Vilsito

Don't let the signs fool you. This is THE place for Al Pastor.

It's been about three and a half years since my first and last visit to El Vipsito (now called "El Vilsito" but I don't know why). Quite simply, if you're looking for Tacos El Pastor in the DF, this is the place to go.

Nearly twice as expensive as other places, El Vilsito is rockin' when we arrive around 11pm. By 2am this place will be jammed. Right now, it's pretty busy but nowhere near capacity.


Located outside an automotive repair shop, you wonder just how can this place best all of Mexico. Somehow, it does. And I've dreamed of the Al Pastor here since the first (and last) time I ate here.

The menu is simple and features Volcans (like little sopes with pork and lots of cheese) and Gorditas (something massive and scary) but the Al Pastor is the winner. When I was here last, they only had one Pastor spit running. Three years later and they have three stations with the guys spinning and slicing as fast as possible to satisfy the needs of this hungry city.

Tacos Al Pastor.

While everything here is good. Save yourself the trouble of thinking too much and just order ten Tacos Al Pastor. Position yourself in front of the tubs of guacamole, salsa and limon and just go to town. Wash it down with Coke or whatever Agua Fresca they have available. It will be ice cold and brilliant.

I'm thinking a second visit before I go home is only proper!

El Glorioso!

Tacos Campechanos.

With toppings.

Volcan de Cerdo.

Ana and the Horchata.

If only I had one of these.

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