Saturday, April 24, 2010

26 Beach

Gerry and the spicy bloody mary.

It's Saturday and our crew has gathered at one of our favorite restaurants, 26 Beach. The other day, another friend said he had grown "tired" of 26 Beach and urged us to try another restaurant instead. Sadly, the other restaurant proved to be pricey and bland in flavor. Maybe it's because I live on the other side of the country, but I'm hard-pressed to find a restaurant that is as eclectic, fun and adventurous as 26 Beach. The Chicken Curry Royal is killer and has been a "must eat" for years. But nothing here has disappointed - and the menu is quite large.

Chilaquiles Diablo

Bloody Mary Forest

Curry Chicken Royal - scrambled eggs with chicken, onions, snap peas, bean sprouts, coconut curry and brown rice.

Red Hot Chili Pepperzzz - scrambled eggs with ziti, chili, jalapeno, habanero and crushed red peppers, cheddar cheese and onions.

The Bob samples Chicken Curry Royal.

Panchetta & Eggs - eggs, pancetta, mozzarella, peas, tomatoes, linguini and red pepper.

Breakfast Sandwich - applewood smoked bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato, avocado and mayo, with fries.

Steak & Eggs - choice ribeye grilled with scrambled eggs and rice.

Sides of Fries and Bacon.

Mendoncino Pear Salad - caramelized pears, chicken katsu, bacon, baby mix, blue cheese, tomatoes, candied pecans and pear vinaigrette.

Ian eats fries.

Anna and the Lemon Ricotta French Toast - fresh ricotta, mascarpone, honey & lemon zest with fresh blueberries and raspberry coulis.

In the sun


26 Beach
3100 Washington Blvd.
Marina del Rey, CA 90291

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