Saturday, April 24, 2010

Intelli Venice Again

Back in line like the regular people.

After too much to eat at 26 Beach, Anna wanted an affogato from Intelligentsia. It's times like these that I ponder how nice it is to have nice coffee shops to visit in your city - meaning, one that you don't own. Just cruise in, have a coffee and take off. No dealing with shop issues, customer issues, supply issues, etc. When you have your own coffee spot, you never, ever are able to come in, have a coffee and just "hang."

When traveling to coffee places, I prefer to remain incognito. I like being served like the regular customers and since I didn't notice my usual friends here today, I figured today would be a good day to remain inconspicuous.

Phil prepares our beverages.

Of course, when you're ordering three affogatos, a macchiato, cappuccino, iced mocha, a brewed coffee and taking pictures of them along the way, that kind of gives you away. Especially when our barista asked me if I was in the coffee business - what am I going to do? Lie?

How nice it is to stop in and just have a coffee.

Pouring my Serra do Bone capp.

Latte art for Kimmy and Bex.

Iced Mocha


Nicole pours over an Escuela Vieja, Colombia

The Damage

Bob and Polly

Anna, Gerry and Christian

Baby you'll be famous, chase you down until you love me, Pappa-papparazzi.

Al and Polly

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