Saturday, April 24, 2010

Life in the Lane Mas Rapido

Where the streets have no name

I want to run, I want to hide,
I want to tear down the walls that hold me inside.

After a week of living in L.A., I feel like I'm starting to get sucked in. It's a whole different way of thinking out here. Life is fast. Life is expensive. You want, no you need to have the toys.

Back in Baltimore, I'm perfectly happy with a modest GMC Sonoma pickup. Here you need to have, maybe an H1 Hummer - or at least some sort of BMW sedan. M5 would be nice. Tesla would be eco-friendly. The Aston would be classy. An F430 would be money.

Designer jeans, expensive t-shirts, Audemars Piaget watches, Louis Vuitton wallets, Thomas Pink shirts. Hmmm, that diamond encrusted Rolex that would be ostentatious back home seems about right on Sunset Blvd.

The need to impress through wealth is everywhere. Just last night, I watched amusedly as a guy was hitting on one of our girls, telling her that he's "successful" and started to list off the car he owns (BMW 335, not that impressive buddy) and dropping hints that he's wealthy this and successful that.

I wondered if this kind of shit works out here. I'm from a different school. If I had money, I certainly wouldn't talk about it (I don't, BTW - remember I drive a GMC Sonoma and don't have diamond encrusted Rolex watches). I would let them find out on their own. My mindset is that if you have to talk about it, then you probably don't have it. Because all the cats that I know who have serious click, never talk about what they have.

But living in L.A. is starting to make me think that perhaps I too need those same luxuries (trappings). A BMW M5 would be a nice start. Maybe a flat in West Hollywood or that little neighborhood between Fairfax and Beverly Center?

Add to that a girlfriend slash baby mommy - wife might be too much, plus I would lose half in a divorce. A true hottie. Into clothes, expensive Louis Vuitton bags, European cars, designer sunglasses et al - but a stellar hottie. Maybe I really don't like her but keep because she's that stellar looking. Maybe a nice blonde or Asian/White mix.

Ah, L.A. - maybe it's time to give you a go...

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Raymond Prado said...

Oh no! Don't fall for the hollow seduction of el diablo.