Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tucson Steak

Rob chats with Federico Bolanos.

In America, we say "too-sohn." In El Salvador, they say: "tuck son."

And so we found ourselves back at La Gran Via for steaks at Tucson Bar and Restaurant. Originally, we had been looking for a place to eat at MultiCentro but those restaurants were too damn noisy (and I really wanted to try the Thai place there).

When I'm going out to eat with friends, I like to talk with them - not yell over loud music.

Francisco and his novia.

The competition is over and now it's time to spend a little decompression time with the new champion: Alejandro Mendez and the owner of Viva Espresso, Federico Bolanos. Time to forget the past competition and start focusing on the World Barista Championship. Pick our collective brains, discuss coffee and continue friendships.

Meanwhile, I'm having a ribeye...

Alejandro, Rodrigo and Camilo.

Steak Condiments: salsa, chimichurri and ketchup.

My ribeye.

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