Friday, April 23, 2010

Champurrado y Tamales

The Champurrado Lady

Just outside of La Favorita Bakery is a lady with a shopping cart. Inside the shopping cart is a cooler filled with chicken, pork and cheese tamales, and a large container of hot champurrado. How lovely.

It's what's missing in Baltimore. Street food. Comida Corrida. We need it. We must have it. But we don't, which is why I travel.

Champurrado y tamal de queso.

Who would have thought that the combination of sweet corn fortified spicy champurrado would pair so beautifully with a cheese tamal? The Mexicans evidently, who have probably been laughing at us gringos for generations.

But oooh, the tamal... delicately sweet, lovingly savory with just a hint of spicy trouble from the peppers and a little bit of salty goodness from the cheese. Pair that with the thick and hot champurrado and you've got yourself a winner.

That might have to be a fall menu item at Spro...

Close up of our tamal with cheese and pepper - rico!

A little street picnic.

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